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Sponsorships, community and corporate partnership opportunities are available. Those interested in learning more information can contact Rocco Ricchiuti at ./assets/ If you’re a Capital Region business or organization, this is the time to partner with the Patroons. We have excellent opportunities available!

Sales kit

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Sponsor opportunities

This is the ultimate in exclusive placement. Logo placement on official Patroons Home and Away Uniforms. That’s official.

Before games Patroons are on the court in warm ups with your name on it. Receive logo placement on warm up jackets and pants – Get on-court game day impressions as well as off the court events that warrant warm up attire.

Albany Patroons players and staff always rock the official Patroons gear when we’re out and about. Get your logo on these official jackets, and let us know how many you need for your peeps.

Logo/message placed on each basketball hoop. High visibility at all home games as well as live stream impressions. So when the Patroons are dunking on the other team and the photographers are trying to get the best shot, there’s a good chance you’ll be a part of that photo!

Logo/message placed on the Patroons home basketball court. Get your message and business to thousands of fans at all 2019 Patroons home games and other events where the professional basketball floor is used at the Armory! Live stream impressions as well to those tuned in to watch the Patroons.

Sponsor a section! Who’s section will scream the loudest by Patroons fans? Logo placement on section signage above and around the fixed seated bleachers that flank the court. Announcer mentions are included often during games to incorporate specific section involvement!

Get your logo/message courtside with our 3×4 foot courtside bumpers! Bumpers are place in the corners of the court, 2 of which are by the shot clocks!

Be seen at live games inside the Armory as well on on the live stream (right side only). This 3×6 banner is placed on the top row of bleachers and is seen by all who enter the Armory! Buy 2 and get a custom double size to really stand out, at Patroons games, and other Armory events!

Be seen at live games inside the Armory as well on on the live stream. The banner size will be a custom agreed upon size based on placement. We have a few key spots in mind (upon entry, near concession, and viewable from the court). Your banner will be seen not only at all Patroons home games, but at every other Armory event in 2019!

If you’ve been inside the Armory, you can’t miss the massive banners

hanging from the rafters. The Patroons themselves have a few Championship banners hanging with hopes to add another one after the 2019 season. This is the ultimate in Armory Arena signage and can’t be missed by fans and attendees to all Armory events! Your business and message will be seen in countless videos and pictures by pro and fan photographers!

Sponsor the 2020 Patroons Kid Zone! Finally, a place for kids to shoot hoops, make signs and other crafts, as well as a preparation area for kids to become part of halftime shows, timeout events and more!

One thing’s for sure, we need to see our fans in gold and kelly green. That’s why we’ll be launching t-shirts at every game! Get your logo on the shirts we launch and our fans will return the favor by wearing it and getting you seen!

Yes, you read right. We have a Hype Squad. Our new Dance Team,

Cheerleaders…..Whatever you call them they are the Albany Patroons Emeralds supporting our guys and fans from the sidelines, on court and in the community! Your support will ensure they’ll be cheering our team on all season long. The Emeralds will be making appearances locally throughout the season!

Finally, dedicated cameras to show off our amazing fans and their skills from the seats! Be seen every game as a framed sponsor of the kiss/dance cam! Our fans love to be seen so they show us their moves and then wait for their moment on the big screens in the Armory, and on the live stream worldwide!

We certainly are working on enhancing the game day experience, especially during halftime! We are lining up musical entertainment, performers, fan challenges and of course on court dancing by the new, Albany Patroons Emeralds Dance Team. Sponsor a home game halftime show and we’ll give you all the love making it happen for the fans! Of course, we will be promoting the halftime show through all channels to create excitement!

During time outs the Patroons sideline team is always bringing fans onto the court for a challenge! This opportunity is great for all types of businesses because it gives you a chance to turn fans into customers by giving away gift cards or other items for your business! Not all fans will win, but the message is still heard loud and clear during these time out mini-events! This is a great chance to be creative with the Patroons!

Everyone loves free stuff. They line up for it! Get your logo on and sponsor the free stuff given away to the first (#TBD) through the door! Of course the Patroons will be promoting this though all channels so the value here is huge!! We’re talking noise makers, t-shirts, hot dogs and more! Your sponsorship pays for the giveaways themselves and everything that comes with it!

For corporate or for profit event requests, Albany Patroons players certainly enhance any function! Specify in uniform, casual or formal and the player(s) will be on time and ready to be a part of your event. For appearance fees and for more details, schedule an appointment! For school, community and/or municipality events and for non-profit organizations, please visit for more information.

Head Coach Derrick Rowland will host a weekly radio show. Coach’s Corner will focus on Patroons basketball updates, game recaps, future match-ups, league news and more. Coach will have frequent special guests including players, community and business leaders, and much more. Be the presenting sponsor of the weekly show and receive all kinds of on air love! The show will rebroadcast again later in the week, as well as be placed online and shared via social media as a podcast.

Be a segment sponsor on Coach’s Corner weekly radio show. Sponsor the interviews, player of the week portion or game recap segment! The show will rebroadcast again later in the week, as well as be placed online ad shared via social media as a podcast.

Sit your logo side-by-side with the iconic Albany Patroons logo and be seen as a partner during press conferences before and after games, during player and coaches interviews on TV and more. Also, fans will take and share countless photos and videos during and even after games with players – right in front of your logo!

Want to reach tens of thousands of people in downtown Albany on a daily basis? Of course you do. Get scene on the Armory’s outdoor, can’t miss it, 10 foot LED brilliant video wall situated in front of the historic Armory on the business corner in the city. Play a video, communicate a message, drive customers to your business 24 hours a day. Finally, affordable advertising is available. Many of our packages include minimal incorporation on the Armory’s outdoor LED sign as it relates to promoting sponsorships.

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