are you patroon ready™

Introducing dr. maggs' structural management® program

The Country's Most Advanced Sports Biomechanics Program that...

  • Predicts
  • Prevents
  • Diagnoses
  • Treats

...sports injuries far better than today's outdated and reactive sportsmedicine system. 

according to dr. maggs, 

"Our current reactive system is totally inadequate for the needs of today’s athletes. Careers are being cut short because those in charge have no knowledge of biomechanics. The wrong Drs. and therapists are in charge from the pros on down. What the athletes need is Structural Management®”.

Introducing Coach Rowland’s Plan for Success™ Program

A champion at every level, Coach Rowland teaches the necessary qualities required to achieve the highest levels of success. You must have mental toughness!

"Success begins with the little things you do in life. Excellence should be seen in everything you do on a daily basis. I have my list of emotional exercises I’ve accumulated over the years, and I believe if you can follow these guidelines and perform and perfect these exercises, anyone can achieve the highest level of success,"  -  says Coach Rowland


To become Patroon Ready™

  • Own The Stick (Muscle Management™ Program)
  • Get a Digital Laser Foot Scan for CPOYA Custom Orthotics
  • Sign up today for a Structural Fingerprint® Exam
  • Acting, not reacting. Preparation in everything you do.
  • Through daily mental exercises, improve confidence and positive attitude.
  • Set realistic goals with daily action steps to get there.
  • Blame yourself for everything. You be the reason you succeeded or failed.

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